Shopping at MBK center
"MBK Center during the night time"

Shopping at MBK center

Bangkok, Thailand


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Activity Detail

Duration: 3 hours

Places to Guide: MBK Center, Paragon Cineplex


- You can find all kinds of stuffs in this famous retail market: textiles, housewares, computers, electronic products and other things. If you are looking for luxury brands, then Siam Center and Siam Paragon are your perfect places.

- Enjoy money-saving shopping in Bangkok’s famous shopping area of MBK center, Siam Center and Siam Paragon. No matter what you are looking for, I can help you verify a reasonable price, as well as help bargain for a cheaper price.

Schedule: 3 hours

Choose from
I. 10.30am-1.30pm
II. 2pm-5pm
III. 5.30pm - 8.30pm

- Transportation cost to any destination
- Meal and beverage expense
- Other services not mentioned in the program.

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