Kintamani Highland Tour Guide

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Address: Bali, Indonesia

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Stringio Wayan (Bali)

Kintamani tour is the most exciting tour,, it will start to visit Barong and kris dance telling about good and evil,, continued to see Batik which located in Batubulan villige, and we stop to see the process of silversmith. And next, we will visit the oldest temple called Puseh Temple located Batuan villiage,, drive long the street we visit Ubud to see Monkey forest, Saren Royal Palace, and visit Tirts Empul Temple the holy water used blessing Balinese Hinduism. The trip continued to visitTemen village to take look process of coffee plantation traditionally, , Finally we will come to visit Kintamani, hereyou can be having your luach while enjoying the panorama of Batur Mountain and Batur lake. After that, the journey will visit Penglipuran Village, which is well known as the oldest village in Bali.

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Things to do in Kintamani Highland: Tours by Locals


Tirta Empul Temple Tour!

US$25 /person


Ubud and Kintamani Tour

US$20 /person

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